beauty and the beast gift for fans

The Best Present for all Beauty and the Beast Fans

It feels good when your loved one remembers your birthday, anniversary or when it’s the holiday season for giving gifts. What better way to surprise our Disney friends and family than with a Beauty and the Beast-themed present. Let’s inspire them with a tale of love as we help them express their feelings from their favorite movie. If your cute little one has an obsession with Belle, you can find just the perfect present to amaze them.

Below we have compiled a list with the best picks for our beloved fans.

Beauty & the Beast Bracelet Gift Set

A charmed bracelet with Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chips, and Lumiere simulations is a thoughtful present. It has the most unforgettable characters, and it is also reserved for our senior loved ones. You can gift it your mom or grandma who are religious Disney fans.

If love is in the air, make a point of symbolizing that relationship from this story. Matching bracelets may have the word “His beauty” on your bracelet and “Her beast” on your loved ones’. Ensure it is from stainless metal so they can take it anywhere and as love never fades in the movie, so yours will also stand the test of time.

Mrs. Potts and Chip Tea Set

If your friend loves enjoying a cup of tea or holding tea parties, there’s no better way to remind them of their great obsession. Make it memorable by picking a hand-painted one with the cute Mrs. Potts and Chips. It is the best gift idea for moms on Mother’s day, Birthday or Christmas.

Don’t forget to include the incredible chip mug with the bright colors and in different sizes. The more life-like it appears, the better it will serve your fan mother. A ceramic design will bring the whole idea alive so get on it. There’s is nothing else to say about this gift. Buy the Beauty and the Beast Tea Set as a gift and the person who receives the tea set will remember you forever.

Themed Earrings

Studded or pierced, the red rose and emerald say it all. They symbolize the coming of age of great beauty and blossoming love. It also stands for respect and protection, and as the most significant symbol in this tale, it is a sure catch for a present.

Young Belle Necklace Pendant

A jewelry collection is admirable, but a personalized one makes it special. For your dear Belle fan, you can have the pendant in the form of the charmed rose. You can also have it with the Belle name engraved on it. Your daughter will thank you later after wearing a show-stopping necklace expressing her love for the best character.

Enchanted Rose Brooch

Celebrities wear this piece of jewelry every day. It makes an outfit stand out from the rest of them. If your fan friend likes grabbing some attention, you must adorn them with the enchanted rose brooch. It can be in gold or silver but still live up to this beautiful fairytale.

Halloween Costume

Every lady will want to be Belle come Halloween. Make this dream come true by surprising them with a bright yellow gown synonymous with the beautiful princess. The beauty of this present is that you can make it for your toddler, girlfriend and even teenage sister. The golden colors will make them shine as they are reminded of their inspiring memories.

It will go along with the Belle classic wig which can also work with ladies of dynamic shapes and sizes. The reserved style may even rekindle the urge to watch the movie again and again.

Belle’s Storybook

Little ones love to engage in books and interesting stories. After watching the fairytale, many kids will still want to read about getting more from the animation. A Belle storybook is the perfect inspiration for those who like traveling to this imaginary world on paper.

Wall Art

Get all their dearest characters on a personalized wall painting. Unique design can cover key aspects of the story from the roses to Belle and the Beast or the animated Cogs worth and Lumiere in one fantastic canvas.

Another wall art inspired painting can take the form of a glass dome surrounded by the other players as seen in the movie’s theme photos. It is an all-around gift of everyone you missed when bringing a customized item.

A Tale as Old as Time

A wall clock may not be the first present idea that pops up, but it sure works the magic. As an emphasis on the whole reality that is timeless love, it should be the ultimate gift when you have bought everything else but still needs to add some oomph to the package you present.

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